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What our clients are saying...

Our financial world was getting pretty scattered -- we had a tax group, insurance guys, an investment person, attorneys, realtors -- and there was zero continuity or communication among these groups. Dollars were being lost due to inefficiencies until we started working with Leopold Wealth Management.  

In addition to helping me with my insurance and tax needs, they were able to consolidate and organize my entire financial picture. It now operates like a well-oiled machine. 


Dr. Smith, Plastic Surgeon, Business Owner

Leopold Wealth Management uses LEAP Wealth in Motion financial modeling technology that displays our entire financial world on one allows us to test different financial decisions (even something as basic as the best way to finance a car) and make well-informed choices.

We cannot say enough good things. Their philosophy is simple...first - protect, second -save, third - grow and enjoy!

Dr. Anderson, Pediatrician

Leopold Wealth Management has put into place strategies that we would not have the time nor the knowledge to implement. The team is thoughtful, conscientious...and they actually listen. Crucially, Leopold Wealth Management clearly articulates and demonstrates the difference between creating wealth and creating USABLE wealth.

 The team has focused on plans that have mitigated our taxes. I only wish I had worked with Leopold Wealth Management earlier in my career.

Dr. Marcus, Neurosurgeon

How we work

We assist physicians by creating strategies that encompass protection, savings, debt, growth and taxes. 

Our philosophy is that our medical professionals deserve financial advice and guidance in line with the high-caliber medical care they deliver to their patients day in and day out. 

How We Work

*It is important to note that the implementation of any strategies provided as a part of LEAP are designed to aid one in reaching their financial objectives, but no assurance can be made that these objectives will in fact be reached. Individual results may vary. 






The Process

We discover insights into where you are now and where you want to be next.


We clearly identify what data to use and how previous decisions were made.


Our model allows you to visualize how various strategies help to improve your overall financial health while reducing overall financial costs and risk.


Once you make the decision to take action, we help you to implement your money decisions with consistency and simplicity. These are the first steps towards achieving the full financial potential you deserve.

Financial Coordination 

We often find that our clients’ financial consultants offer advice independent of one another. But how might their recommendations and the potential results be different if they had worked together?

Leopold Wealth Management functions as your “Macro Manager” -- providing tax guidance, student loan consultation, life & health and investment management -- while collaborating with trusted partners to ensure your team is working harmoniously towards your financial goals and objectives.

Tax Advisor


Legal Advisor


Student Loan Consultant





Investment Manager


Real Estate Agent


Life & Health Agent


Auto & Home Agent


Physician Contract Review


The Model — Protect, Save, Grow & Enjoy!

We create a customized model for each of our clients, empowering clear decision making and providing financial clarity.

The model enables us to see all of our financial decisions at once. Understanding the impact of these decisions, we can create measurable strategies to build, protect, and grow our clients’ wealth.

Meet Our Team


Max Leopold


Managing Partner

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Max, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Leopold Wealth Management, is a financial professional and lecturer who creates goal-based plans for physicians. Growing up in a physician family, he saw firsthand the challenges that arise when trying to navigate work, family, finances, college and taxes. Now, using a holistic and interactive approach to planning, Max simulates various decision trees to ensure sound outcomes for clients and their families.


Nick Weiler



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Nick, Co-founder & Partner, is a financial advisor at Leopold Wealth Management. Nick witnessed the value of holistic financial planning when a parent was disabled and no longer able to work. While many aspects of life certainly changed, thoughtful planning techniques provided for financial clarity and peace of mind — this experience catalyzed Nick’s passion for personal finance, which he strives to deliver to clients using a clear, simple and visual model.

Our Team

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